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Hello there! Hoop Earrings with round Disc with Bible Verse Scripture on the Opposite Side

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Hello there! Hoop Earrings with round Disc...Summer Collection Bar Pendant Necklace with Bible Verse Scripture on Opposite side  

I Peter 5:14

As we are traveling and out and about this summer let us greet each other with a kiss of love.

I was inspired initially by the actress/influencer/vegan chef Tabitha Brown to create the “Hello there!” collection. I thought it was a great salutation to see on your jewelry when greeting and encountering people throughout the day. This idea however didn’t seem to fit into the overall theme of my business. I thought to myself Script Gifts is a Christian jewelry business what does “Hello there!” have to do with Christianity. This phrase is not Biblical, and I decided to abort this collection. The thought of creating this collection however continued to poke at my thoughts.

Then one day I heard a pastor talk about how he was at a drive thru picking up breakfast when an angry customer threw a breakfast sandwich at the drive thru window. Life happens to all of us and sometimes we just react. I thought maybe if that customer had just saw something positive for a brief moment perhaps her reaction would have been different. A moment’s glance at something encouraging can make a world of difference. I started thinking about my jewelry and how I could create a jewelry piece that would greet a customer or employee in a positive way, was friendly, and kind. I wanted to create a piece that spoke to people in a way that may put a smile on their face or maybe just help lighten their day and then God placed on my heart “Hello there!”. A simple salutation that could make a huge difference.

I began to search the Bible and found a Bible verse that references speaking, and I ran across

I Peter 5:14. Greet each other with a kiss of love. Peace be with all of you who are in Christ.

It was the perfect verse for the “Hello there!” collection. Let us greet each other with a kiss of love. When we encounter each other throughout the day we should let our light shine by showing love and kindness towards each other. We are not perfect. You never know when someone just needs that one word or phrase that helps them get through the day.

As I thought about this Bible verse, it hit me…what I already knew but never really acknowledged. God is truly in everything!

I want all my pieces to reflect in some way the Word of God because that’s where our hope is, that’s our peace in the midst of a storm, our strength, our power. Our identity and life lie within the Word of God.

 Each piece is handcrafted and made in the USA.
To God Be the Glory!

God’s Word is Power! Wear it Daily!