About Us

About Us

Script Gifts LLC offers beautifully handcrafted Christian Jewelry that is made in the USA and is a daily inspiration and encouragement to everyone. Each piece that is created is inspired by the Word of God. The jewelry pieces are created to speak positive Godly affirmations into the lives of individuals that wear and see these wonderfully designed pieces.

Script Gifts' jewelry pieces encourage and give hope to everyone. Our desire is that by wearing the jewelry pieces, lives will be changed. The collection currently includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Some pieces can be customized/personalized to allow for a personal experience that can be easily explained to others when they see you wearing your jewelry pieces. Telling your story to others is a great way to disciple to others.

I have been selling jewelry for many years. I decided to start selling Christian Jewelry as my relationship with God grew. I noticed that we do not see enough of God’s Living Word in our world today especially throughout the week. I include personalized jewelry, because when people ask you about the Bible verse on your jewelry, you will have the opportunity to explain to them the meaning of that scripture and why it is so meaningful to you. My desire is that seeing the Word of God more will help save souls and build God’s Kingdom.

Most of these pieces have a Bible verse on the front of the jewelry pieces or on the opposite side as a reminder that our hope is in the Lord. Most pieces are created with quality, durable waterproof silver or gold colored stainless steel.

Script Gifts also sells Christian inspired clothing, accessories and home goods.

My prayer is that everyone will have a personal relationship with God. To have that relationship you must read the Word of God. Reading and meditating on God’s Living Word daily gives you strength and encouragement throughout the day. Not only will you benefit, but others around you will benefit as well. To God be the Glory!

God’s Word is Power. Wear it daily!



Items that do not require personalization are shipped within 3 days if the order is placed before 3pm.

Personalized jewelry requires some extra time. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. For personalized orders the shipping charge is $6.


Personalized items are not refundable unless we have input the wrong information on the product that you ordered. Earrings are nonrefundable. All other products can be returned within 14 days.

Contact Us

Please email us at scriptgifts@hotmail.com for all your inquiries.